Martial Arts
Ball Games
Indoor Shooting Range
South China Athletic Association
Address:88 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, HK
Tel No:2577 6932  Fax No:2890 9304

Information is for reference only. Enquiry or enrollment please contact the follows:

(1)Swimming:                     B/F Sports Complex-Swimming Section      Tel: 2890 7736
(2)Golf:                               G/F Sports Complex-Golf Driving Range     Tel: 2577 4437 
(3)Shooting:                       7/F Sports Complex-Shooting Range         Tel: 2881 7222            
(4)Billiards:                         3/F Sports Complex-Billiards Section          Tel: 2576 1272
(5)Others                            G/F Sports Complex-Members' Section       Tel: 2577 4427
                                           3/F Sports Centre-Sports Hall                    Tel: 2577 5367

Class Suspension Guideline

The class students or the parents will be informed via phone by duty coach
or sports executive one hour in advance should the class be suspended.
For enquiries, please call 2577 6932 during office hours or contact
the class coach directly. Guideline Details