Artificial Turf Pitch

Location Roof, Sports Centre (Low Block)
Phone 2577 5367
Fax 2882 1213
Email [email protected]
Opening Hours
Mon to Sun & Public Holidays: 08:00 - 22:00
*Except inclement weather
08:00-18:00 : $400 / hr
18:00-22:00 : $500 / hr
  1. The pitch size is 34 metres X 18 metres, with floodlighting.
  2. The lot size of the ground is 752 s.q.m.
  3. Other facilities provided: Plastic tables x 2, chairs x 10-15 and marquee x 1.
  4. For non-football activities, specified application is required.
  5. Maximum Attendance: 24 persons at any one time
Others  -
  • Each member can reserve the use of the pitch in advance for a maximum of one hour.
  • No alteration or cancellation will be entertained once the booking is confirmed.
  • Please keep all personal belongings in safe custody. The Association will not be responsible for any loss arising therefrom.
  • SCAA reserves the right of final decision on the reservation method / procedures.
  • Members can book for a maximum of 7 days in advance.
  • Members may reserve the pitch in advance through SCAA Online Booking System.
  • For advance reservation in person, please come to
  •         The Sports Hall Office at G/F, Sports Complex (High Block), Mon to Sun 10:00 – 18:00
  • Group applications must be lodged at least 14 days in advance. Hiring charges and other expenses (if any) must be settled at least 7 days in advance. Please email completed Facilities Hiring Form to [email protected] for application.

  • Recognised bodies are entitled to 20% off total venue fee for hiring the artificial turf pitch at  the following conditions  :

    • Weekdays before 18:00 (end of use)
    • Minimum booking for 4 months, and
    • Minimum 4 hours per week
    • Full payment of all fees before usage

    Any person entering or using this Artificial Turf Football Pitch or any part thereof (“the User”) shall strictly comply with the following rules and regulations laid down and enforced by South China Athletic Association (‘’SCAA’’).

    1. Users must be members of SCAA with a valid Membership Card.
    2. Users must present their valid Membership Cards for verification upon request by the Duty Officer of SCAA.
    3. Except for training courses held by SCAA, a maximum of 24 persons may be allowed at
      any one time during each session of use of the Artificial Turf Football Pitch.
    4. Children aged 12 or under are not permitted to enter the Artificial Turf Football Pitch
      unless they are accompanied by adults.
    5. Users may not wear long or metal stud sports shoes on the Artificial Turf Football Pitch.
    6. The User is required to check and ensure that the equipment at the Artificial Turf Football
      Pitch are in proper order and fit for use before the use.
    7. SCAA will not be responsible for any loss of balls which fall outside the Artificial Turf
      Football Pitch area.
    8. Users may not bring food or drinks, nor take any chewing gums onto the Artificial Turf
      Football Pitch and the surrounding areas.
    9. No smoking will be allowed within the Artificial Turf Football Pitch and the surrounding
    10. Users must leave the Artificial Turf Football Pitch at the end of the session booked, even
      if the activity in progress is not yet completed.
    11. In case of stormy/inclement weather, or if the thunderstorm warning is issued, SCAA may make reference to the weather conditions, lightning warning and related information provided by the Hong Kong Observatory decide the opening status of the Artificial Turf Football Pitch. The Artificial Turf Football Pitch will be closed when Tropical Cyclone Signal no. 3 or above, Thunderstorm Warning within 15 Km or Black / Red / Yellow Rainstorm Warning is issued.
    12. If a confirmed booking has to be cancelled by SCAA owing to inclement weather or any unforeseen circumstances in accordance with Condition 11 above, the User may apply for re-allocation of the unused session(s). However, the management does not guarantee the availability of any suitable session for re-allocation for certain reasons, including but not limited to, scheduled maintenance work, prevailing occupancy of the facility, or any other circumstances.
    13. Under normal circumstances, an application to change a confirmed booking will be deemed as a cancellation and the fees paid will be forfeited.
    14. Users may not make, publish, display or disseminate event-related publicity materials that contain false, biased, misleading or deceptive information. They may not expressly or by implication make reference to SCAA in any of the publicity materials without prior written permission of SCAA. They shall indemnify and keep SCAA indemnified against all claims, demands, actions or legal proceedings arising from any breach or non-observance of this provision.
    15. Users may not arrange admission of the public during the use of the booked facility as spectators, without the prior approval of the management.
    16. The User may not reserve the Artificial Turf Football Pitch for offering training courses, or other commercial or business activities, unless prior approval from SCAA is obtained.
    17. If the Artificial Turf Football Pitch is reserved by SCAA for tournaments, training or any other activities, no other bookings of the Artificial Turf Football Pitch will be permitted.
    18. The furniture should be returned to the original position after use. Relocation of the equipment inside the Artificial Turf Football Pitch is strictly prohibited. Users will be held liable and be required to compensate all losses and damages to the equipment or furniture at the market rate.
    19. Users use the Artificial Turf Football Pitch at their own risk. SCAA and its management and employees, workers or agents shall under no circumstances be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind to the property of the Users or any other person or for any injury or death to the Users or any other person howsoever that loss, damage, injury or death may be caused.
    20. SCAA has the absolute rights to refuse/cancel the booking, refuse the admission or restrict the admission number in accordance with hygienic reasons or any other reasons, and/or impose additional terms for the use of the Artificial Turf Football Pitch which it deems appropriate.
    21. Users are welcome to contact the SCAA Sports Halls Office for clarification of the above Rules and Regulations.
    22. SCAA reserves the right to amend the above Rules and Regulations in respect of the use of the Artificial Turf Football Pitch without prior notice.